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Kidney Transplant and AV Fistula Surgery

Patient with end stage renal disease(ESRD) require renal replacement therapy(RRT) in the form of Hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and Kidney transplant.

AV Fistula :
A small communication is between artery and vein in the forarm by surgical procedure under local anestheisia. Patient is discharged same day or next day. Fistula matures after 4- 6 weeks fot dialysis vascualar access.

Kidney Transplant :
Patients who accept kidney transplant and who are fit for the procedure are offered kidney transplant. Whole doner and recipient work up, management before and after surgery are done in consultaion with our nephrologist who are experienced in renal transplant. Kidney transplant is major procedure and al ot of legal formalitires and medical work up is needed before patient comes on operating table. After the transplant Doner goes home in 3-5 days and reciepint goes home in 10 -14 days in usual case. Patient has to be in life long immunosuppressive drugs after the transplant.

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